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Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February!

Starting a new month makes me feel a little bit closer to Spring.
And right after Spring comes we're almost there, right?
Even though it doesn't look like it....

We got up, watched Kevin shovel the driveway and made breakfast.
JJ drank his from a glass as old as his mother.

Can someone explain this to me??
How does this....
Turn into this.... less than 2 years?

So big. 3 years old.
He's getting too smart.
And notices everything.

Yesterday, as we were getting ready to run some errands, Kevin walked us to the car.
He kissed JJ.
He usually kisses me before I go anywhere, but he was wearing a t-shirt and it was snowing and it must have skipped his mind. I was in a hurry to leave and didn't really notice.

Until a voice from the back seat asked...
"You kiss Daddy, Mom?"
I said no, I guess I didn't - not this time.
He bragged back to me, "Daddy kissed my mouth."
Like, so there - take that!

He'll bring one of his play phones to me and say..."Now, shhh! Ok? Shhh..."
Then raise the phone to his ear and say, "Hello?"
Which, I must confess, I do whenever I'm answering a customer call.
Too smart. 

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