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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm trying to remember what happened this weekend.
Not much, I'm sure.
I know we stayed in.
We got snow...and Wilderness Drive isn't on the counties list of roads to get cleared first.
By Sunday we were snowed in.

Later in the day it started to warm a bit and the sun came out for a while, and that helped quite a bit.
Kevin kept the driveway shoveled and swept the car off.

Monday, we went to the dents.
Which is how JJ says dentist.

He patiently waited.

He let the hygienist count his teeth.
All 20 of them.

He picked bubblegum toothpaste and let her clean his teeth.
He gagged twice and declined rinsing.
All in all, he did great!

Then he got a couple stickers.
Played on my iPad while I got my teeth cleaned.
And got to stop at the prize box on the way out. 

Not bad for a first visit.

Today, I've been cleaning, packing, and planning.
IL bound tomorrow!
Just me and JJ on the open road for 8 hours.
Let's do this.

1 comment:

Sissy said...

Aww...His first dental visit! Awesome! His hygienist looks familiar. Glad he had a good time!