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Friday, January 25, 2013


I went ahead and skipped yesterday, oops.
Wednesday was SUCH a day...
Then yesterday, I thought I was dying.

Ok, not really, but close.

Yesterday morning I was lifting JJ up to change his diaper.
He's almost 40lbs, broken arm, and likes to flail around like a weirdo.
I pulled something in my back, right between my shoulder blades.
Now I'm walking around like Quasimodo.
It's better today and I'm expecting a heating pad to be delivered pretty soon. 

Anyway, let me tell you about our casting experience.

First step, wait 2 hours to be seen.
I swear, I realize such is life, but keeping a 3 year old entertained in a waiting room for 2 hours where the only magazines you have are Southern Livings and the only thing on TV is CNN is not going to work. 
It was filled with a bunch of interesting characters.
Hand sanitizer, please!

So we get back to the examination room and they unwrap JJ's arm.
And ask him to keep it PERFECTLY still.
A 3 year old....

He did ok for a while, but we had to wait like that another 40 minutes.
Unless he's sleeping, he's not still for 4 minutes, let alone 40.

Then we get X-Rays, and he did great!
Back to waiting in the exam room.
Finally, the doctor comes...and spends all of 45 seconds talking to us.
I'm being generous by giving him 45 seconds, it was probably closer to 30.
He didn't even come in the room, he stood out in the hallway and sort of talked at us while he walked by.
Glad I waited 3 hours for that.

The nurse that put his cast on, however, was wonderful.
Chatty, fun, nice, very sweet to JJ.

We go back in a month.

After all that jazz, we went to Chick-fil-A and then Toys 'R Us.
Then got groceries.
And finally home.
JJ was beat!
Bedtime could not have come soon enough for either of us Wednesday.
Except JJ wanted to fall asleep in our bed, which was fine.
He loves our big bed.
But he gets so sweaty.
My body pillow was a big ball of wet by the time I got him moved to his own bed.
Which is ok, 'cause he's so dang cute.
Especially with that tiny blue cast.

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