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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(A ridiculously late) Weekend Wrap Up

Friday seems like so long ago...
But I'm pretty sure we just stayed in.

Saturday was the three C's.
We were expecting our tax lady to show up.
Kevin is so busy he made an appointment for her to come to us to go over some questions and paperwork. We waited and waited...called her...waited some more. She never showed.
Which means I waited around the house when I had other stuff to do for nothing.
Wasn't terribly happy about that.

Sunday we went to church.
Then out to eat with friends.
Shoe shopping for Kevin.
Craft shopping.
Frozen yogurt eating...

Book buying.
We had a nice Sunday.

Monday was busy.
Things are crazy for Kevin right now.
So I'm answering phones, taking care of emails, and trying to help as much as I can.

Monday was also nasty.
Rainy and yucky.
But not too terrible temperature.
But how do we keep JJ's cast dry?

An old poncho-hoodie.

Which makes him look like a hobbit or something from the back.
But it works.
We ran to Aldi's and Joann's for some yarn.

Today we did some grocery shopping and ran errands.
Drank milkshakes.

Went to the bank, Target, Sams, the Post Office, and finally back home.
Had a meeting.
Answered more phones.
Then UPS came.

And JJ loves helping...

Even with his cast.
Our UPS driver was so impressed, he gave him a dollar for his hard work.
We have a pretty cool UPS guy.
And a pretty good helper. 

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