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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Shirts

The new sling arrived yesterday.
And it's hilarious.
It is SO TINY.
His little arm is wrapped to much, it's almost too tiny.
But the size and length of it allow him to use his hand some, which he likes.

That little arm is SO wrapped, we're in the market for some new shirts.

Most of JJ's t-shirts are a bit snug on him.
Since it's winter, I didn't mind.
He's wearing long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, no big deal.
Except now, he can't wear those things.
My plan of waiting until closer to spring to buy him more t-shirts has been foiled!
I like waiting as long as possible to see what size he'll need.
I don't want to buy a bunch of 3T shirts that will only work for a couple months.

But today, we're going shopping!
Trying to get him undressed for his bath is awful.
I bought him an arm bag for baths, which is also hilarious.
It's good thing this kid isn't in pain, because everything having to do with his broken arm makes me laugh. Giant slings, tiny slings, arm bags, JJ telling everyone his bed hurt his arm, the way he's using his arm to get out of eating dinner (I can't eat - it hurts!)...

So shopping it is!
But be sure to watch this...
Old people discovering Photo Booth.

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