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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


JJ loves getting the mail.
He loves walking down to the box, finding letters, and marching them up to the house.
The loves the junk mail we tell him is for him.
He loves when he gets real mail.
Today he got real mail.

He got a "Get Well" card.
(Thank you, Ms. Suzy and PB!)
This card played music.
JJ **loves** music.

He stashed the card with his toys.
That means it's a keeper.

I didn't blog yesterday.
I've been having a case of the Alexanders...
Nothing terrible happening.
Just annoying. And seemingly constant. And annoying.
So I'm in a bit of a funk.
Maybe my new boots will come in soon and snap me out of it.
Or I'll find something fun at Target tomorrow. 

Our weekend was very low key.
Watching movies in Mom and Dad's bed...

Cuddling Tiger...

Taking baths...

Our doctor appointment yesterday got cancelled.
Due to a power outage.
Because hospitals don't have back up generators?

And when they called to cancel, the conversation went like this...
Nurse: Hello, may I speak to John?
Me: I'm his mom, can I help you.
Nurse: ....(silence).....
Me: He's 3. I can get him for you if you want, or I can just pass along the message.

She went for door #2.
Our appointment is now tomorrow morning.
Providing, of course, there aren't any other power outages....

1 comment:

Susan said...

so glad he liked it! We like him a lot too! Hope you all will feel the warmth of spring soon: physically, mentally and spiritually