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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


What has happened to me lately?
I seriously don't know.
It's as if I can.not. make myself blog on Mondays.
I'll try to do better.

Let's do a little wrap up.....
A pretty normal day.
That evening I had a White Elephant Christmas party with the ladies in our church.
I showed up with a 2lb. candy cane stick and left with a photo album.
Not a bad trade if you ask me!
Kevin volunteered to keep JJ at home with him, thank you K!

We had big plans, but because Kevin had to continue working late into Friday night, I decided to clean. Why not? He's going to be up late anyway. That turned into not getting into bed until 3:30am and being completely zonked Saturday.
I did some crocheting and Kevin kept on working.

I had nursery - 4 boys.
One of them being my own.
They wrestled, played, ran, jumped....boys!
Then, one of them said, "Hey, can I color?"
Me too! Me too! Me too!
Before long, it was this...
How easy is this?
They colored and watched The Land Before Time.

That night, while JJ was supposed to be settling down with a movie, I hear an awful lot of noise.
JJ got a Leap Pad 2 for his birthday this year and snuck it to bed.
Sneaky enough to bring it to bed, not sneaky enough to remember to turn the volume down or you'll get caught. Good try, son. 

Kevin had a busy, busy day and asked me to handle the phones for him.
Which means I hung around the house all day.
6pm choir practice at church.
After that, grocery shopping and a stop at Chick-fil-A.
Bedtime snack?
Cookies and Cream milkshake.

Today, I'm going to be lazy.
Lots of orders I will be crocheting on.
Christmas movies will be playing all day.
I may even get out of my pajamas at some point :)

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