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Friday, November 30, 2012

My Life

True story.

We've had a busier week than normal and a busy weekend ahead of us.
I typically do a quick pick-up and vacuum while Kevin is giving JJ a bath.
My deep cleaning I do throughout the day.

But here lately...

And he loves to "clean"...
And by clean I mean - lock himself in Kevin's bathroom. (We have a his and hers bathroom system in this house. Because one is recently remodeled and nice, and the other smells like a boy all the time and has a yucky toilet..)
When I try to open the door, he tells me "I clean, Mom!"
I get Kevin upstairs to pick the lock for me and there he is...
Toilet seat up.
He's soaked.
An inch of water standing on the floor.
My mop leaning against the shower.
JJ dipping the toilet scrubber in the toilet and then using it to scrub the floor, walls, etc...
He proudly tells us, "It's all clean!"
Thanks, bubba.

And then there's this version of cleaning...
I seriously feel like I'm living in Groundhog Day.

White Elephant party tonight.
Shopping tomorrow.
Church Sunday.
Happy weekend, all!

And DON'T FORGET - ABC's 25 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow!
I've got my DVR ready to go :)

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