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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Weekend - continuing the recap

We went to church.
Came home, had lunch, lounged around for the afternoon.
Then headed back to church for Bethel Family Christmas.
The littles sing songs for everyone, exchange gifts with their Sunday School teachers, and everyone enjoys snacks, visiting, etc...

The children were called up front to get ready to sing.
JJ decided he wanted to be among them. 

When they stood to sing, he stood with them.

Then just hung out, leaning on a chair, crossing his legs.
Mr. Cool, I tell you. 

Monday was busy.
Christmas #1 was lunch with Grandma and Papa Hancock

Christmas #2 at Grandma Ingram's

Christmas #3 at home with my siblings.
We always exchange Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!
Mother of the Year award - my camera needed charged.
So I took pics on my parents camera and forgot to copy them to my computer.
But trust me when I say we opened a lot of presents (Christmas #4) and did a lot of playing.

Then Christmas #5
My mom's side came over for lunch, presents, and shooting.
It's not a family get-together until we're shooting off the back porch, ya'll!

Drive back to WV
Play with my iPad the whole way (thank you, Kevin!)

How to entertain yourself in a car for 8 hours....
1. Download a photo program that lets you draw on your pictures.
2. Do this to your son....

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas.
Even got to see snow.
Tonight is New Year's Eve...guess what we're doing?
Hanging out at home, watching movies, snacking on our favorite dishes, and painting our toenails.
That last one might be just me.
Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!

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