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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Day Ever

Didn't mean to take an entire week off of blogging.
But we've had a pretty amazing week.
So much so that it'll take more than one post to cover - so let's get a few days down...

Last Thursday we packed, cleaned and got ready to head to IL.
Friday it was more of the same and we hit the road around 6:30pm
Got into Sparta around 3am

Saturday, once everyone was up and going - we had running to do.
Grammy had made plans to give JJ a pretty awesome day.
We loaded up, went and got some lunch, and off to the Power Plant we went.

Grammy showed off her heavy machinery skills...

JJ pretended to drive any and everything he could find.

Then, it happened.
My son loves trains.
LOVES trains.
He got to board a train, take a seat and go to town blowing that whistle.

Dad and I stayed below to take pictures while Grammy and Daddy boarded the train with him.
He would cackle with absolute delight every single time he pulled that lever and made that train sing.
I kept thinking - he might die.
He's so happy, his heart my just explode.

Daddy, Grammy, JJ and Mr. Nathan - who let JJ do a lot of cool things.

Next, Mr. Nathan took us over to the coal yard.
JJ boarded a D9 and took it for a spin.

Mr. Tony took him all the way to the top of the coal piles.

He was driving around forever.
It was no short little spin.
JJ was driving that thing all over the place having a blast for a good 10-15 minutes.
(Which is a long time when you're 3)

JJ's next job was to flip the train cars over to dump all the coal out.
He got to press the buttons...

And then run like crazy to the window to watch his car turn over.

He left that place filthy.
Covered in coal.
Talking about how big and loud everything was.
That could have been Christmas for him.
He had a big day and slept awesome that night.

In his 3 years of life, if JJ's days had to be ranked...I'm pretty sure this one was top 10.
Possibly even top 5.
Definitely one of his best days.

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Michele said...

What an awesome field trip! Can we go next time? ;)