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Friday, November 9, 2012


I am slow moving this morning.
I need to snap out of it.

It all started at 5something.
I've mentioned before I sleep like the dead.
But when you become a mom, you somehow hear all the important things.
Small groaning/painful noises.
That gagging/burping sound that precedes vomit.
A giant boom from a 36lb body falling out of bed onto the hard wood floor.

This morning, it was falling out of bed.
Coming to snuggle with Mom and Dad to calm down.
Then refusing to leave Daddy's side and go back to his own bed.

We're not 5am risers.
We're not even 7am risers.
So this morning was rough.

So we've been doing some online shopping.
The lazy man's shopping, fine by me.
JJ needs to make his Christmas list.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
The important stuff.

Mommy's looking to replace those appliances that got fried during the power outage.
We already replaced the microwave and alarm clocks.
The repair man came to look at the oven yesterday and has to order parts.
Won't be fixed until the 19th....THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING.
I said, "Can you promise me it will be fixed? For real? Because I've got a Thanksgiving dinner to make and it can't be done in the toaster oven." Please, oh please, because I'm tired of meal planning for food that can be cooked exclusively on the range.

(*Side note - since we're on the subject of Thanksgiving, anyone have a good broccoli casserole recipe? Not a broccoli/rice...just broccoli....Please and Thank You.)

And we put in the order for our ice maker this morning.
We didn't realize until yesterday it was fried.
I'm sure we'll slowly find things for months to come.
Thankfully nothing too major yet that can't be repaired.

Alright, for real.
Time to get moving.
Craft show tonight and tomorrow.
Happy Friday!!

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