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Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's Do This

I talked baseball today with a complete stranger.
That's nothing to people back home.
That is a big deal out here!
Few people out here care about baseball.

It's GAME DAY - so, of course, JJ and I were sporting Cardinals gear.
We headed out to the Barboursville Mall this morning/afternoon. 
(I'm not really sure what time we left the house.)
I rarely go out that way.
It's such a drive.
But it now holds a special place in my heart.

I had to go up that way because I wanted NEEDED to get some more yarn.
Any sane person will tell you that there's no way I need more.
But I do. I always do.
Anyway - perfect excuse to pack up the kid and go here....
30 minute drives are worth it.
But all that way just for yarn? Might as well swing by the mall, too.
I'm in the market for new bedding.
Our current bedding was a wedding present from my grandparents.
We love it.
We love it so much it's getting holes.
Pieces are starting to fall off in the wash.
Kevin is devastated. It's broken in and so comfortable.

Of course, I couldn't find anything that didn't feel like either a cheap hotel or sand paper.
So, we headed to Old Navy, because JJ needs sweatpants bad.
He needs comfy play clothes that aren't 3 inches too short.
Obviously, JJ loves going shopping with me.
Especially clothes shopping.
No sweatpants, but Mommy scored 2 skirts and a pair of yoga capris.
But it was in Old Navy that a worker took note of our shirts.
He wanted to talk baseball.
He's from Florida originally and a Marlins fan.
He thinks the Cards are going to win tonight.
I agreed.
We talked for quite a while, actually.
It was very nice, and unexpected.
Another baseball fan, out here in WV!

Then, although I knew the risks, we headed to the Disney store.
Ugh, you crazy, wonderful place.
The only reason I went in is because I saw the perfect Buzz Lightyear candy bag for Halloween.
So, while we're here...we should look around...but just for a second!
And then this happened...
JJ loves him some Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
He shouts YO-HO all the time.
Grrrr's like a mean pirate.
He's obsessed with the show.
And there sat a noise-making, button having, music playing pirate ship.
As you can see, clearly he needs more toys.

This is 1/4 of the toy room.
This room gets picked up A LOT during the course of a day.
But I know what we're going to get him for Christmas!
He did end up walking out of there with some of the pirate figurines.
Sometimes, I'm a softy.

 I hope they'll distract him while I change the channel to the Cards game.
Let's do this, St. Louis!
Please make me buy another World Series Champions shirt this year!
12 in 12

I've got my "Willie McGee" ready.
Kevin found him last night.
I mentioned I've got trash bags full of Cabbage Patch Kids.
Willie was kept in a box.
He was actually kept on a shelf in my bedroom until I packed up my room and moved out here.
And no, his name isn't really Willie.
I mean, to me it is.
I think Willie was my mom's favorite Cardinal, so when I had a little black doll and a Cardinals uniform, it made perfect sense to tell everyone it's Willie McGee.

His poor little face really needs cleaned up.
But, come on, how cute is he?
And though the uniform looks nice in these pics, it needs some TLC, too.
More dirty dishwater than white in person. 

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