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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Made it!

Just about 7pm last night, JJ and I pulled in to Grammy and Papa's driveway.
Right on time.
He jumped straight from the carseat to his swing.
Then right to the 4wheeler.
We had Spaghetti and went to church.

The drive yesterday was perfect.
He slept for the first 2+ hours.
Watched movies, listened to music, ate WheatThins...
He was absolutely perfect.
Thank you, JJ!

Today, Mommy got a haircut.
JJ got a haircut.
Papa even got a haircut.

Then we headed to Tilden to make some cupcakes with one of JJ's great-grandmothers for a party this weekend. While mixing the batter, my Momo asked me how much vegetable oil the package called for.
Butter instead.
I'd never heard of such a thing.
The batter looked like velvet.
Tasted amazing.
The cupcakes are awesome.
From now on, I'm looking for the butter recipe boxes.
Or maybe I'll try to substitute and see what happens. 

Tomorrow is a very, very big day.
The most precious boy I know turns 3 years old.
At this exact moment 3 years ago I was waiting for my 4am induction.
Playing on my laptop.
Knowing I should be resting but too excited to sleep.
You can refresh your memory here and here.
Spoiler alert - you'll probably say "Awwwww"

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