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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best. Weekend. Ever. (almost)

I say almost because there was always a person or two missing from making it absolutely perfect - but it was darn near close.

My son turned 3!
We spent the day running around St. Louis.
First stop - Grant's Farm

JJ got to pet the world's friendliest Clydesdale, Sterling.
He stayed up against the bars begging to be petted.
After the horses, we were ready to go!
Have I ever mentioned my sister is a nanny?
Well, she is.
This is the little girl she nanny's for (nannies?) - precious.

Then we hit the train and looked at LOTS of animals.

Everyone loved it.

After we got off the train, it was time to feed some goats.

They are mean little suckers.
Not to people, to each other.
They'll do anything for a drink of milk, including punching each other repeatedly in the face. Hilarious, but mean.
Then it was time to go see an elephant show.

Of course, my sister got called down to participate.
Obviously, she was very excited about it.

Yay, Brooke.

With Aunt Doh (Jo)

After Grant's Farm, we headed to lunch.
After lunch, we said goodbye to Aunt B and little CeCe.
See ya in a couple weeks!

Then off to the mall.
JJ got his first pair of Toms, and his favorite smoothie.
There were other spontaneous gifts involved, too.
You only turn 3 once.

Then we picked up Aunt B and headed towards home.
Stopping, of course, along the way.
It was a great day.
Just do whatever you want kind of day.
After FINALLY getting home, we met up with Mom's brother, sis-in-law, and 2 nephews from Arizona.
True story - I haven't seen them in like 15 years.
My uncle, yes - I think when I was in high school.
But my cousins and aunt, no.
JJ got to meet family on his birthday!
 What a treat!

So, a pretty perfect birthday!
Only missing Daddy and Uncle Adam.

Aunt B and Uncle DeeDoo took JJ to go make some Apple Butter.
Mom and I went to help decorate for my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Go back home, get ready, head back for the party.
I told Momo to save all the decorations...I'll need them in about 44 years.
Yikes - 50 years, ya'll!

Then, off to the after-party.
AKA, my grandparents house.
JJ crashed on the front porch swing.

When you get family together that doesn't get to spend much time together, you end up doing a LOT of this...

(Pictures stolen from my aunts)
We laughed and laughed and laughed.
It was awesome.
Saturday was a great day.

Only missing Daddy and Aunt Jo.
(And wishing Aunt B and Uncle Adam could have stayed longer.)

Visit with family one last time.
Play with chalk.
Get packed.
Go to Wal-Mart for road snacks.
Go to bed very happy after such a fun weekend.

This time missing Daddy, Aunt B, Uncle Adam and Aunt Jo.

I have the best family.
The end.
Both on my Mom and Dad's sides.

At the anniversary party, an old family friend told me...
"It's so nice to get to see so many people and no one had to die."
 Let's find a reason to party more often.

 Like JJ's birthday party, coming up at the end of the month!
Of course, we're holding it at JJ's favorite place on this earth - Grammy & Papa's house.

 It's pretty high up on our list of favorite places, too.
 Can't wait to see everyone again.
 And this time Kevin gets to come with us!

 Illinois, you are so awesome.
 I'm so glad my son and husband love you as much as I do.

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Auntie Ella said...

It was a pretty amazing weekend - lots of laughter. I am sad Kayla did not get to see it. She loves you guys so much! Thank you for playtime, JJ - I needed that! Love you guys. Auntie Ella