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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Day

I'm not sure what I did to deserve a day like today, but I'm going to have to make sure to do it more often.

My day started early this morning.
I thought it was a power outage - our fan went off.
It was just JJ urging us to start our day.

He laid with us in bed for a while - "sleeping."
Which really just means he waited for me to almost get back to sleep before trying to gently crawl over me to get to the remote.
I took him back to bed, started a movie on his DVD player and went back to sleep.

At some point, Kevin got up.
I don't even remember.
But when I get up, I walk out to the kitchen and see JJ with his recliner getting chips off the counter - carrying handfuls of tortilla chips back to his room to eat while watching his movie.
Making himself breakfast, how independent.

Make lunch.
Start dinner in the crock pot.
Head out the door.

Bank first.
We walked out of that place with a sweet cotton candy sucker. Score.

Then off to Sam's where we saw this....
Christmas decorations!
I was both excited and disturbed seeing them.
Just over 3 months until Christmas!!

JJ loved seeing these Bonsai trees.
They remind me of something from Harry Potter.
He liked being able to touch them.
Crazy looking things.

Testing out a desk.

Duck lips.

We did some other shopping and heading to Wal-Mart to get groceries.

While out, I treated myself to a couple pairs of sandals.
I know, it's September, not much time left for sandals.
But they were only $4 a pair. Four bucks! I couldn't help myself.

All day today, wherever we went, JJ was just perfect.
In a great mood, well behaved, pleasant, nice to everyone around him...
He was good!
He's been kinda rotten for a little while now, today was great!

Maybe because he realized it's birthday week!
Friday, I will have a 3 year old.
How has it already been 3 years?!?
Wednesday, we leave for IL for a long weekend.
We get to celebrate with my parents and siblings in St. Louis.
Grant's Farm is currently on schedule, weather permitting. 
I haven't been there since I was tiny, I can't wait for JJ to see it.

Hope everyone's Monday was as good as mine and left you perfectly content. 

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