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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busy Day

Something woke me up yesterday.
I was in a deep sleep, and 30 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, something woke me up.
Then I heard a cough and thought, "Well, that's what did it. JJ coughing woke me up."
And then he did it again, and it sounded so close.

So I look over my side of the bed and there is JJ.
Laying on the floor with his tiger.
When he notices I'm "awake" he just gives me a raspy "Hi Mom."

He's not sick, just had this stinkin' cough that wakes him up from time to time.
So I asked him if he wanted to join me and Daddy in bed, he quickly accepted.

After some cuddle time, I went ahead and got up to start my day.

JJ and I ran all over the place.
We went to HomeGoods, Michaels, Kohls, the bank, Wal-Mart, Chick-Fil-A...sheesh.
Which resulted in groceries, 2 pairs of capris for mommy, a Toy Story coloring book for JJ, lunch, a new wicker toy basket with a lid, and 20 skeins of yarn.
TWENTY skeins.

Good thing I already organized the spare closet so I could make room for them....

More on the floor of the closet...
The left basket are items ready to sell.
The far right basket is full of more skeins.
The middle baskets are balls of yarn, scraps, flowers, etc...

I think we may be at the "addiction" stage.

We also picked up 3 packs of root beer.
I've heard of the Dad's brand before, but I've never heard of Sioux City or Bulldog.
Hope they're decent.

After not napping all day, JJ then spent the evening outside "being Buzz."

That's what he calls it.
He can't get the wings on by himself, so he asks "Me be Buzz, Mom? Peees?"
Of course you have to speak JJ to understand it, but that's what he's saying. 

It's actually starting to get pretty clear.
I told him to tell his Daddy last night I Love You and we both freaked out that we heard it! He basically said it! Almost 3....completely crazy. 

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