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Friday, July 20, 2012

Too Quiet

This was JJ last night about 8:30pm
A little early for bedtime, but close enough.
I was out in the kitchen and all of a sudden noticed I didn't hear anything.
Oh great.

I went back to the play room and found him like this.
Put him on the couch to I could clean up his toys and went on to the next room.
As I'm going about my business, I go to straighten up his easel and all his crayons.
It's a dry erase board, but if you think I'm giving him markers - you're crazy!

Wal-Mart had dry erase crayons, so that's what I got him.

And then I noticed why he'd been so quiet.
That's the arm of the couch.

The side table and my iron.

Thanks to my dear friend, Magic Eraser, and a bit of fabric cleaner, all is well again.
Not without a stern talking to, which turned into a big fat pouty lip, but that's ok.

We've got a full weekend planned.
Parties, friends, going out to eat some place's my birthday weekend!
I'll be writing you Monday as a 29 year old, officially.
Let's not say that too many times out loud, ok?

Happy Friday, all!

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