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Monday, July 16, 2012


My husband really outdid himself this weekend.
With that being said...I feel like this post should come with a disclaimer.
This post may contain more West Virginia than you're used to.
There, you've been warned.

Saturday, we had plans to go shooting with friends.
Here's JJ being safe.

As Kevin is unloading the firearms, ear protectors, ammo, etc...
He pulls out this pink shotgun.
And a card.
And all of a sudden my friends have this chocolate pie.
Kevin threw me a little surprise party.

Ok, ready for this?
I actually really WANTED my own shotgun.
We shoot trap every fall, and I always bum my dad's or Kevin's gun.
They're too big and too heavy for me, so I can't shoot for very long.
But I'm a decent shot and enjoy doing it.

Now, I have my very own!
If you would have told me 10 years ago that my future husband would give me a shotgun for my birthday, I would have laughed at you.

If you would have told me I would WANT and LIKE it? I would have called you an idiot.

Man, things can sure change!
Thank you, Kevin!
For reals.

All of us, every adult and the 2 kids there, were wearing our Underwood Ammo shirts.

Now, before you walk away from this post thinking my husband is nothing but sugary sweet...
He really wanted me to shoot his 50cal Desert Eagle.
I didn't really want to.
He insisted that, yes - it's got some kick, but I could handle it.
So, ok...I'll try.

My face looks strained because I'm nervous.
Kevin's got huge arms and it kicks him like a mule.

You can do it, he said.
Nothing to it, he said.

So I pulled the trigger.
And then this happened.
Never. Ever. Again.


Cassie said...

1 - that's crazy sweet. and i love how you were like 10 years ago i woulda called you an idiot.

2 - oh my that last picture!!! cant.stop.laughing!!! bahahahaha.

thank you - thank you. i needed that laugh!

jfleenor said...

That is great Beth!! That last picture is the greatest! Looking at the one before I would have sworn you had it down!! Practice makes perfect! That is so awesome that Kevin threw you a party. Happy early birthday!

Beth said...

I'm not gonna lie...Cassie, your's was one of the comments I couldn't wait to hear about that last pic! I'm just glad I was able to stay on my feet.

And thank you, Jess! I've shot plenty before, but never a gun of that caliber. And now I know why!