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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nearly There

Night 4 of VBS is in the books.
Tomorrow is the closing.

I love doing it, but I'm always ready for it to end.
I'm exhausted!
But JJ is going to miss getting to see his buddies every night.

Tonight was Camo night.
Here we are decked out in our camo.

Everything was going fine.
We're smiling, taking pictures...

Aaaaaaand then I thought I was going to die.
Of course, as soon as Kevin took the picture he said, "Oh, this is totally going on your blog!"

Here's the cute crafts JJ has been working hard on.
A turtle.
A star pouch.
And a cup - he's very proud of the cup.

Posting so late this week has really put me in a weird schedule.
Looking forward to normalcy next week.
But, it must be said - I do really enjoy these crazy kiddos.

Program and ice cream social tomorrow night.


Mary Cavalier said...

LOL - so are you okay?

Beth said...

Ha! Yea, I'm fine. Just a bit humbled is all :) My feet just forgot what they were supposed to be doing - standing still!

jfleenor said...

Looks like JJ had a great time!! I thought maybe you saw a bee or something! Because if I had, I would be out of there as fast as I could!! We have bible school next week. I'm teaching Calleigh's class. Not sure what I'm getting myself into. I've never taught a class before!!