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Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday, all!
It's a cloudy and blah day here in WV.
Makes me glad we got to have our pool time over the weekend.
Although I still need more, pronto. Gotta get a good base tan before the beach - less than 2 weeks!

JJ and I are doing our regular grocery outing today.

You saw what we did Friday.
Fell asleep in chairs watching movies and being lazy.

We spent some time outside.
I used this make-up sponge and some nail polish to turn this...

Into this.

Then I used this...

And turned it into this.
And of course the whole time JJ had some Q-Tips and was "doing" his nails right along with me. I even gave him a make-up sponge so he could pretend he was adding some color.

Sunday we went to church.
Had pizza.
I went outside to tan for a bit while JJ "napped."
(There was no sleeping going on, just playing.) 

So he got to enjoy the pools, too.

But I made him work for it.


Cassie said...

ummmm can you please come to my nails - those are crazy good! super jealous.

i cracked up at - i made him work for it. lol. bahahah. nothing wrong with a little child labor. too funny.

Beth said...

Thank you! Thank you!

I promise you, you could do this! The whole stamping kit (with 2 baby polishes) cost like $18. I typically just put down any solid color and do a quick stamp when it dries, looks like I get pedis all year long :) Super simple! It's called Konad Nail Stamps, they have a website or you can get it on amazon.

It's kinda cringe-worthy, but here's a video of it.