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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fancy Pants

Presentation is everything.
I remember being super excited for Christmas morning for many, many reasons. But one of those reasons was root beer. Not cans of root beer...not a 2 liter plastic bottles of root beer waiting for me in the fridge. Our stockings were always opened first and they contained our favorite candies and goodies. There would be a note telling me to check the fridge and there they would be.
Perfect glass bottles.
It made me feel so fancy.
It makes me feel like I should be in a commercial or something.
Practice my drinking and smiling. Slow motion.
Some peppy song playing in the background.
Just me? Whatever.

Today, JJ and I went to the beauty salon.
My mom wants to take family pictures while we're on the beach - so that means that this family needs haircuts.

This was JJ Mr. Cool after we were done.
Upon getting into our sweltering car, we sped home as fast as we could so we could to work on our tans.

A few weeks ago, I bought JJ this weird swimming vest.
It looks crazy, and when I first saw it I thought it was totally dumb. But when I was trying to get JJ to swim using his actual swimming vest I realized why it was so brilliant.

The other swimming vest JJ has lets him bob around...frontwards, backwards, to the side...he doesn't have enough control yet to stay up where he should be.

This vest has an open he won't roll that way.
It's got arm floaties attached to a front floatie...keeping him upright and balanced. 
Ok...maybe this thing will work.

I put it on JJ over the weekend and it worked, but he hated it.
He was scared and kept feeling like he could go under at any minute.
We tried it again today and...success!
Attempt #2 and my boy is a pro!

I have no idea why he kept "sneezing" ... it's just something he likes to do.
But here's a video of JJ in action.
It's 2 minutes long and I doubt it will be very interesting to anyone but our family living far away, but I'm putting it up anyway because I am one proud mom today. Some of my fondest memories growing up are of swimming with my family. We were always in the water, on float trips, going to Johnson Shut-Ins, mastering our techniques in grandparents pools. I am so happy JJ loves it, too. Even if it does limit the time I can be totally lazy on my raft soaking up the sun.


Anonymous said...

Puddle Jumpers are the best sim floaty!

Beth Porter

Beth said...

I absolutely believe it now!