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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Can I just say....WV is a muddy mess right now!
My kid loves being outside and when it's pouring down the rain, that's no good for JJ. And it's no good for me, either - because I can't open the door to let the dog out without him charging at me like a linebacker to get out the back door.

It's also no good for our lawn. We have a swamp for a backyard right now. And we haven't mowed in over a week (probably closer to 2) because of all the rain and the fact that our yard is like a sponge and has always held on to every ounce of moisture. I bet my Dad just threw up in his mouth a little bit after reading that. He can't go more than 3-4 days without mowing his grass.

But - that's perfect boot weather.
And JJ just happens to love his boots.

He loves jumping in juice.
If he sees a liquid, it's juice.
Water? Juice.
The pool? Full of juice.
Soda? Juice.
Weed killer? Juice
You see where I'm going here.

So when we were leaving choir practice at church tonight, he saw a whole lot of juice and got super excited. We spent some time running around the parking lot jumping in some juice.

Also, how big does he look these days?!?!?
He always looks little to me until I see a picture of him.

I don't care what you say, it's impossible for him to be turning 3 this year.

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