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Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Monday

Another Monday, another day of errands to run.
Well, just the afternoon.

We're going to get a metal roof put on, so Kevin sent me out to pick a color I like, ask some questions, and carry JJ around like a dead fish asleep in my arms. I mean that wasn't part of the plan, but that's what ended up happening. 

We might have to bring naps back into the picture, because every time JJ's butt hits the car seat these days, he is fast asleep in 3.7 seconds. And I carry him around while going about my business. 

He finally woke up though.
And when he did I realized Kevin had put his sandals on the wrong feet. Oops.
As you can see, he's got a pretzel rod in his hand. He brought it with us.
Not to eat, just to carry around.
For real.

Watching some ducks.
Hey Kevin, can we get a duck?
No, nevermind...Sophie + JJ + a baby duck = a tragedy waiting to happen.

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