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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

LOL Wednesday

I thought this during the movie.
The one time I watched it. (More than that is just torture.)
And here's the proof, lol.


Cassie said...

That last one is to true!! Lol.

Katie said...

Every time I watch Titanic (yes, it's been more than once) I always point out how there was room for both of them. So frustrating!

Beth said...

I would rather nearly get into an accident by preventing them the opportunity to merge than let them in politely. Seriously.

And I saw Titanic when it came out...I think I was a freshman? Anyway, I was so excited because everyone was talking it up so huge. I kept sitting there waiting for it to get awesome. I left the theater, so what? I don't know why, just didn't care for it. Felt the same about Avatar. Maybe it's just James Cameron I'm not a fan of.