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Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Last Couple Days

This is what our last couple days have looked like.

There are 2 things JJ is loving right now:
1. His boots.
2. Being outside.

One of JJ's favorite things to do....mow grass! That also happens to be one of the things Kevin least likes to do.

This kid....
Why is he in his diaper?
It's been super warm lately and my kid is a sweater...just like his momma. And his daddy for that matter. And hairy. Kevin's definitely hairy for a guy and I'm pretty hairy for a girl. Ugh....our children! I guess our kids have no chance....they're going to be little sweaty, hairy monkey babies. 
It's been so warm that he spent yesterday hanging out in his diaper.
When Kevin went outside to go look for the property marker WITHOUT JJ, he threw himself on the ground sobbing and shaking at the fact daddy was outside and he was left behind. So we got our boots on and went out to be with daddy.

Just a boy in a diaper on a road wearing boots, ya'll!

Here's a better picture of the stinky tree I mentioned yesterday.

Also - I just joined twitter yesterday! It looks super sad that I only have 4 followers and am only following 12 people. If you're on twitter, let me know! And follow me back! There's a tab to the right you can click to find me :)
Happy Friday, all!


Cassie said...

those trees do stink. they are all over red bud and on our walks i swear we are just walking around smelling cat pee or something.

ps - all you need is a cut off flanel shirt for that boy and he'd be set. lol.

Beth said...

And a bottle full of Mountain Dew! lol