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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My View, Tagged and POTTY!

It's not a great picture (because of all that sweet sunshine pouring into my house), it's much prettier in person - but this is my view from the treadmill today. 
Ok, I'll be honest....that's not really what I look at when I'm on the treadmill...I mean I glance over there every once in a while. And the toys and JJ just stay in the window all day, because he's nosy like that. Usually I'm watching the TV on there - but a pretty view is nice, too. However, it's only pretty from inside the house. The blooms smell like dinky-doo and attract every bee and wasp in a 3 mile radius. Once the blooms go away and it turns into a regular tree (Bradford Pear Tree) with regular green leaves - then we're ok. But every Spring I beg Kevin to chop the stupid thing down and burn it up.
He has yet to concede. 

I know I put it on Facebook last night, but I just have to say it again - JJ USED THE POTTY LAST NIGHT! He sat there for just over an hour until anything happened, but still - progress! We're slowly introducing him to the idea of going on the potty a couple times a day. Where did my little baby boy go?

I've been tagged!
Good ol' Cassie conjured up 11 questions for 11 lucky bloggers (which you'll see me answer below) - and she could have been so mean and invasive, but she was nice and gets to keep her friends, haha. I'm happy to play along, but I honestly can't think of 11 other people to tag - oops! Also, coming up with my own questions? Tough, tough. But enjoy my answers to Cassie's questions below - thanks for thinking of me, girl! Let's try to for real "meet" someday, ok?? I have a feeling it would be hilarious.

1.  What's your summer must have?
My pool. End of story. We (JJ and I, my poor husband is red-headed and pale) spend out entire summer in that thing.
2.  If you could vacation to the same spot every year where would you go?
We're heading there in a few months! Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Private beach houses...which therefore means private beaches thank you very much. Just minutes from St. Augustine. We can't wait to go back there this summer with the whole fam!!!
3.  If you could only have five apps on your phone what would they be?
Good question!
Talking Tom - JJ loves it.
Angry Birds - Mommy loves it.
Draw Something
Where's My Water?
Yes, I like playing games....I'm a recovering Super Nintendo addict, give me a break!
4.  What is the one thing you can't go a day without?
Since you said thing and not "person" I'll say my cellphone. But laptop was a close second!
5.  If you could pick one Fast Food restaurant to be in your town what would it be?
Steak 'n Shake - those fries! Those skinny, perfect fries!
6.  Explain the worst hair cut you have every had.
It wasn't really a cut, it was a color. I was 14, 7th Heaven and Friends were both huge on TV at the time and Lucy and Jennifer Aniston just looked so perfect with their highlights. I went to Wal-Mart and got a highlighting kit and my mom and I went to work....except it turned into more of a frost. I was blond on the top and brunette underneath. We corrected the situation with some brunette coloring and I haven't dyed my hair since. 
7.  If you had to buy one color of skinnies what color would they be?
I guess black, they could probably be the most versatile for me...and would probably be the most slimming!
8.  Would you rather only have FB or only have texting?
Facebook. I live so far away from my family, they like seeing pictures and updates on JJ. I'm happy to oblige. 
9.  What's your perfect day like?
Sleeping in until 9.
Spending the day in the pool with JJ.
Going out to dinner with my two Underwood men.
Watching a movie with Kevin once JJ has gone to bed.
Asleep by 11.
That sounds just perfect!
10.  If you didn't have a Dad who would walk you down the isle?
Wow...what a profound question! I'm so very happy I didn't have that problem! But I do have a brother, so I'd have Adam walk me down the isle.
11.  What would you do if someone gave you $100?
Go Easter shopping. I love getting JJ a cute new outfit for Easter Sunday and just haven't gotten around to picking one out yet. And probably get Kevin and I each a new Easter Sunday shirt or something....something nice and Springy and fun.


Cassie said...

ha sorry for being so blint there with #10. my friend just chose her mom to walk her down the aisle and i was like wow - that's a great idea. but it kinda makes you think.

ha thanks for playing along!!

Beth said...

No, it was a good question! Something I never would have thought about simply because I didn't have to. Good job coming up with them!!!