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Thursday, March 29, 2012

JJ and his Flying Car

When Kevin and I do yard work, JJ is outside with us exploring. He likes to wander around the property. He'll come back showing me a rock he's found, a nice big stick or some other treasure. 

Yesterday, while Kevin was weed-eating, JJ started pushing his car around everywhere. Last year, we were given this super fun toddler roller coaster from a sweet family at church....he loves it. But even more, he loves taking the car off the track and riding it wherever his little heart desires. The porch...the pool deck...and yesterday, the hill in our backyard.

I didn't know if he'd actually get into it. I figured he would either love it or be completely terrified. Thankfully, he loved it. This was JJ's first trip down.

This was his second trip down.

I have no idea what time this was. Eventually, Kevin had to get back to yard work, so poor JJ had to do all the hard parts himself -- going up the hill, positioning the car, getting everything just right. 

We're going to have to figure out some kind of crash pad for him, something nice and soft and safe....because I can see his "landings" getting real ugly real fast if he decides to fly down the hill by himself.


Sissy said...

My JJ had one of these roller coaster cars. He was like your JJ, he took it everywhere. I had hours of fun just watching him riding it. Great videos by the way!!

Mimi said...

Wow, how much fun can you have!! How many times could he do this without getting too tired. Probably a lot, what a precious baby. Love ya,