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Monday, March 12, 2012

Grammy's not gonna like this one...

Let's start this post off with a bow bang...
Check out this awesome hair barrette my dad and Kevin found while redoing our bathroom. Please believe me when I tell you that when I stretch my hand out as far as my fingers will allow, the bow is still bigger....somebody must really be kicking themselves to have let a sweet bow like this get away.

My parents were here this weekend.
They had to leave this morning.
I'll let JJ show you just how he feels about that.

After the crying, he sort of wore himself out.

Don't you worry, he's back to jumping around, playing and destroying my kitchen with toys as I type this. And little does he know...a couple very special visitors will be here very soon. Uncle Adam and Aunt Joanna will be making their first WV appearance as husband and wife, ya'll! Fun happenings are being planned.

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