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Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday, all!

We had a pretty fun weekend here in West Ver-jin-yee (that's how I say it to Kevin).

We got a Dora coloring book.
I swear, I hate Dora. I hate Diego, too. They yell everything. EVERYTHING! TV is quiet time, dude. Quit telling him to say everything louder and louder. 

Leaving Target there was a killer line of traffic. If you are at all familiar with Corridor G/Southridge, it can get pretty awful. This was JJ expressing his discontent with being stuck in traffic, strapped into a seat and having dropped his brand new coloring book.
Poor baby.

We also went bowling!
Without planning it, Kevin found a twin in Big P.

Little P and JJ also wanted to pose
He's standing a bit back from her, dunno why.
They were antsy and excited to go get their bowl on.

We also went to church.
Those sweet nursery workers let this kid have whatever he wants - which is usually bags of Cheese Puffs by the pound. The evidence is right on his face. But watch out, because this momma has nursery duty next week so I get to lay down the law :)

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