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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yesterday, JJ nearly scared the pants off of me.
He loves to be on our bed - it's big, high off the ground and has plenty of room to run, jump and play. I let him play on it when I'm cleaning, since it keeps him in one place and means he won't be following me around "correcting" the way I put things away.

But back to yesterday.
The bed sits pretty high off the ground. So while I was going through each bedroom putting clothes away, JJ was playing and watching cartoons. And then....silence. I call his name, nothing. Go into my room, he's gone. My first thought is that he fell off the bed and is unconscious on the floor. But he's not. So he must have climbed off the bed and went to play. Can't find him anywhere. I'm yelling his name, still nothing. I start hitting the pillows and blankets to make sure he's not hiding, because he always giggles when he thinks you're looking for him...silence. So I throw everything off the bed...and there he is....laying flat as possible under one of the pillows - hiding. He immediately laughs when he's been discovered. I want to vomit. That stinker did it on purpose! turn. 

So, we play hiding games for a while until I sneak to the foot of the bed....waiting. 

Then I hear him...Mom? Mom? (Forgot to tell you, randomly 2 weekends ago on a Saturday morning, he stopped saying Bom and went straight to Mom....not Mommy, MaMa....just Mom.) Anyway, I hear him rustling around out of the blankets to look for me - so I jump up and scream "Baaaaa!!!!"

His whole body goes stiff, shoves out every bit of sound and air he has in his lungs and falls straight backwards. It. was. awesome.

Reminded me a lot of this poor kid.
Please watch to the end....or just go straight to the 1 minute mark and watch from there.


Cassie said...

I can't stop laughing. Too funny. Too too funny.

Beth said...

I love the video, I've watched it about 20 times today, cracking up the whole time! Poor JJ's reaction was so similar going to youtube to watch it was the first thing that popped into my head.