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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Showing some skin

Last night, around 2AM, I woke up to JJ coughing and whining. He's been developing a little cough over the last few days that doesn't bother him too terribly during the day, but when he lies down at night and everything starts to settle - it gives him some trouble. Anyway, I went in his room and he just wanted a hug. I gave him a little love, tucked him back in and leaned in to give him a kiss.

The he shot up like a rocket - gave a hard, raspy cough and the next thing I knew, chocolate milk (from hours earlier) was everywhere. I don't like gross I'm always amazed that when stuff like this happens, my first instinct is to throw my hands out and try to catch as much of it as possible. For some reason, it's not nearly as gross when it's your own kid. 

So Kevin comes in and helps get things back to normal. He tackles stripping the bed and I strip the kid. Unfortunately, Tiger was covered. Thankfully, though - JJ was so tired he didn't really notice when we threw him out with the bedding. Crisis averted. 

In the course of getting JJ ready, however, I just grabbed whatever jammies were on top...and at that late hour forgot they don't fit him so well. So this is how we've been running around most of the morning.
Eh, could be worse.

He stands in the bay window for hours playing with his cars. All day, every day. He loves driving them back and forth, it's a good height for him and he gets to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Alright, now it's time to get those jammies off and into something more comfortable.....and fits.


Cassie said...

homeboy's got a little sparta in him. lol.

Beth said...

lol - I know, right?!? I should have put a 4XL shirt on him to make the look complete. Makes me think of this picture....which I *almost* used this week for my LOL Wednesday...