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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Things

My grandfather made me this chair when I was little. 
I'll be honest, it's been collecting dust for a number of years (23 or so?)...

So last night I pulled it out and let JJ see if he liked it.

I think he did.

My name burned into the back.

 Mom and Dad still have my "BETH" toy box in storage at their house. I don't plan on naming any of my children after myself, but I love having these old things - that have help up incredibly well, mind you. I can show my kids(and their kids!) how skilled their great-grandparents were. I've got blankets, desks, bookends, toys....I come from a pretty talented family. And it's also pretty neat for me to see them in use again. 

Also - get excited - Grammy and Papa are rolling into town tomorrow!

JJ likes to ask "Daddy is? Daddy is?" over and over while skyping with my sister the other night, I wanted him to show his Auntie Brooke how he can put 2 words together. (I know there are kids his age and younger that talk in full sentences, but mine chooses not to, so this is a big deal for us.) When I asked JJ were daddy was, he just pointed to the stairs and said "Der." (Down there.)

So, knowing my child can say "PaPa" I asked him - then, where is PaPa?
He GASPED and ran to the window to look outside. Oops. 

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