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Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Weekiversary, JJ!

I've wanted to make this announcement for a whole week now, but waited to make sure the accomplishment was real. Today marks 1 week for JJ with NO PACIFIER!

Last year, JJ (who had just turned 1 a few months before) had the New Year's Resolution set for him to give up the bottle. He was still having one warm milk bottle at bedtime to help him fall asleep. This year, his resolution was to eliminate the paci. The first few days were rough. He didn't really nap at all. (Just pretended to snore when he heard you approach his bedroom. Or if you walked in and caught him awake, he went all narcoleptic and collapsed on his bed.) Bedtime was met with a few tears, but mostly just whining. 

But now? My big boy gets mad because he has to go to bed, but once there - he's out cold in 10 minutes or less. Good job, JJ! Love you lots!


adrienne said...

Great job JJ. Luke made the same resolution but not doing as well. He loves his, like you are keeping his best friend from him. Lol

Beth said...

Poor Luke :(
Some friends of ours clipped the end of their daughter's "binky" and told her it was broken, so they had to get rid of she told them she was broken, too! Thankfully he's still got his Tiger stuffed animal (his BFF) or else we'd be in BIG trouble!!

Cassie said...

he went all narcoleptic and collapsed on his bed - oh my word CRACKING up. don't worry JJ i sometimes do this when josh walks in the bedroom. bahahaha.

way to go though, seriously this is awesome because i know how hard it is!!

Beth said...

Cassie - Bahaha! Love it :)