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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Post - 2011

What a fun Christmas this was! But - it's hard to have a bad one when your home celebrating with the world's best family. Here's the rundown of how we celebrated....

We spend in the car. 

Arriving at Mom and Dad's is always great...JJ knows where we are when we turn onto Summerville. He starts shrieking, screaming and bouncing everywhere. Getting to see his Grammy and Papa is a pretty big deal.

Trips to Wal-Mart to finalize everything for Christmas.
Also, we got to watch some good ol' Sparta Bulldog basketball. However, it appears we were some of the only ones there...

What's going on with you, Sparta? Hello - they didn't win a ton of games when I was in high school either, but we still went, cheered, yelled derogatory comments at the other team and had a blast.  Get some spirit, ya'll!

However, in all truthfulness, our main reason in going was to cheer on #30 - Go Rush!

JJ also really enjoyed watching the game.

Then we got to see some old friends at a Christmas Party hosted by some dear friends from high school. We didn't get to stay terribly long (since JJ was with us and was determined to eat every Snickerdoodle in sight) but it was so great to see everyone!


Breakfast at Doreen's (yum).

Opening presents with the fam.

Going to all 3 sets of grandparents for opening presents, eating, laughing, dancing - you name it. We had a blast.

Crashing at home, playing games and wrestling.

We went to church.

*Side note - Can I just say... I cannot understand any of the churches who cancelled church for Christmas. Um, you know that it's actually all about Jesus, right? Wouldn't it be perfectly appropriate to spend a little bit of time on CHRISTmas at church? Presents, time with family, the food - all great, but don't tell me it can't wait a couple hours to go worship the God who sent his Son to this earth to accomplish the greatest story ever told. That really does baffle me. 

Ok, thanks for letting me get that off my chest, I feel better now. (But still a little angsty,maybe another venting post will follow in the next couple days, lol). 

We came back home and had what I like to call a meat Christmas. It was delicious. (Which reminds me, I forgot to add vegetarians to my list of "Things I Hate") Ham, deep fried turkey, prime rib - delish! Cheesy potatoes, homemade stuffing - I'm getting full all over again just thinking about it. And I can assure you the leftovers were just as good. Yumm-O!

We played with toys, laughed a lot and put JJ down for a nap.

The evening was spent packing up and dreading getting ready for the long, sad ride home.

Spent in the car.

Which brings us up to today. Another day closer to 2012 - yikes! This year has FLOWN by! And the older I get, the faster they fly!


Cassie said...

love that baby neck pillow. hilarious.
LOVE his recliner.
too cute!!

ps - that basketball player looks like a guy from twlight. lol.

Beth said...

Cassie - We've known him since he was teeny, tiny ... which he's obviously not anymore, lol.