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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Play 2011

What a day!
Sunday was such a looooong day.

We went to church as we do every Sunday morning. But this Sunday was different in that we usually get home around 1pm every Sunday afternoon - we had to be back at the church at 4pm to get ready for our 6pm play. Remember when I said JJ was going to welcome the crowd? Be prepared to watch one of the coldest welcomes in the history of all church sponsored Christmas plays.

My favorite part is JJ's sweet friend who announces : "Hey - JJ's not beside me." All the poor girl wanted in the world was to stand next to her nursery BFF.

I do have an explanation for JJ's behavior.
Saturday night the boy didn't go to bed until 1AM!!! He was put down at 10:30pm, but he kept getting up out of bed, walking out to the kitchen (where I was crocheting) and saying a big, loud "Hi!" ...over and over again until the wee hours in the morning. Then, when he was supposed to be napping this afternoon - he was singing in bed, playing and finally came out and said another big, loud "Hi!"

Let's just go over that one more time, shall we?
Bed at 1AM. Up early for church. No nap. Program that night.

You may also remember me telling you that JJ was supposed to go out in the middle of the program to hold another sign up that basically indicated to the crowd that it was the next day in the play. He didn't. He was too busy doing this:

Ugh. What a day.
Here's to hoping tomorrow is better!

And, on a totally awesome note - 3 days until ILLINOIS!


Cassie said...

oh my word i am cracking up!

HI! lol. hilarious!!

God's Little Cow Girl said...
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