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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A little singing and dancing

Whoa! Check me out....videos 2 days in a row! Woot! JJ and I were videoing fools last night. Mostly because he was in a super good mood and really into being filmed. Sometimes the camera makes him shy... and other times the camera makes him shine! For those of you keeping score at home - that's 1 part Kevin and 1 part Beth. Guess which part comes from which parent. Now on to the videos!

Up first - JJ singing along with his main man, Justin Bieber. There's a little dancing in there, too.

And now my personal favorite - Single Ladies.
The best part is at the 22 second mark.

The hands just kill me. Every once in a while he'll do it correctly with only one hand - but sometimes he gets so caught up in the dancing he's got to get both hands in on the action. I don't blame him. Sometimes - you just got to dance.


Katie said...

Hahaha these crack me up! I've never seen a kid so into music before! So cute :)

Cassie said...

LOVE THESE!! Too stinkin' cute! Dancing fool.