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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Worst. Check-up. Ever.

I always like when people used periods unnecessarily in the middle of written sentences like that to emphasize the stress placed on each word. In my head, I read them slowly and emphatically. So when you read the title of this post, do me a favor and pretend I'm saying it very. spaced. out. (Also, I'm not being sarcastic, I really do like it!)

Our morning started at 2:30AM when JJ began fussing in his room. Remember yesterday when I told you I sleep like the dead? My husband shakes me awake in the wee hours of the morning and hands me our naked baby. He said JJ threw up and is burning hot, covered in sweat, etc, etc... So he lays with me (while Kevin cleaned up the bedding, what a good man I have!) and I'm thinking, "He's not hot at all. What is Kevin's deal?" I take his temperature, perfect. He's not crying, not in pain, just sweaty. 

My best estimation is that since we turned our heat on for a few days (it's been pretty chilly lately), I forgot how warm JJ's room gets and dressed him in his fleece pajamas, covered him in all his blankets and peaced out for the night. Poor kid probably got sick being, literally, TOO STINKIN' WARM!
My bad, son.

A few hours later we were off to JJ's 2 year check-up. Awful. He's old enough to start comprehending what's going on around him. Flu shot? Terrible. Finger prick for a blood test? Terrible. Trying to keep the band-aids on? A pure battle, complete with kicking, screaming and dry-heaving. 

Then they come back and tell me something is off with the blood test. It's probably something that was on his hands that influenced the results, but they have to send him over to the lab to make sure and we'll get those results in a couple days. Sounds easy. No problem.

Nope - we had to be admitted into the hospital before they would run the tests. Fill out the paperwork, go over insurance information - the works. And aren't hospital waiting areas just the worst? Anyway - we finally make our way back to the blood lab and I get to hold my son down while they drew blood from his arm. He was not having any of it. As soon as we were released, Mommy made sure our brave boy got a big ol' bag of fries.

At home, some of JJ's war wounds.
 He let me take the band-aid off his leg, ripped the one off his finger hours ago - but refuses to let me touch his arm.


Mary Cavalier said...

Hope the results are okay. The best shots Katie got were for her Kindergarten immunizations at the health clinic. Two ladies said they would count to 3 and they stuck the needles (yes- they each had a needle) in her thighs on 2 so she they surprised her and it was all over by the time they got to 3.
Of course, she probably doesn't remember it being the best since we had a hayride that night and her legs were stiff and sore and she could hardly climb into the wagon (Overacting - probably)

~~Rhonda said...

{{{Beth}}} Praying all is well with JJ. And with you! Takes me back. Laurie hated giving our kids their shots. Thought they'd not like her. :-D As if! I hope JJ will feel safe and calm today and give your some much needed rest. ~~Rhonda

Katie said...

Mother...I was not overreacting. After sitting on that hayride for so long I couldn't stand up. Aunt Brenda made fun of me. She called me George...I remember it all clearly. Worst. Shots. Ever. (That last part was for you Beth :) I like when people do that too!)

God's Little Cow Girl said...! I did the periods for you. :-) What are they thinking is wrong? Keep us posted!!!!!

Beth said...

Thanks, all!!

His finger prick showed some lead in his system, a little on the high sorta just came out of nowhere. They told us they have had kids test positive on the finger prick, but negative in a more extensive blood test - so not to get all worked up yet. Now we just wait to hear the results and work our brains at figuring out (if it's a true positive) where he's getting this from.

Sissy said...

Aww.... I feel so bad for him. I always dreaded when they said my JJ needed blood work in the lab. Not fun at all. I will be praying that the results are all good.

Beth said...

All blood results are normal - which we sorta knew all along, but thankful to have that confirmation!! Thank you all for your prayers :)