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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome home!

Yahoo - the Underwood's are back in Southern Illinois!
A nice long weekend with family and friends sounds pretty awesome to me.

We spent today in the car... but since I didn't have the opportunity to do anything too interesting today, you should check me out on Our Walter Life. Cassie had the great idea of having Mommies submit a little questionnaire about, what else, being a mommy!! She just gave birth to a darling little boy - so this is her way of blogging while we help her out with the content. She's got 2 kids now, free time is a luxury :)

Thanks, Cassie! What a great idea!


Mary Cavalier said...

Beth - I know both you and Cassie :-) Enjoyed reading your entry and catching up on Cassie's life.

Beth said...

What a small world! You are just Miss Popular - anyone who is with it knows the Cavaliers!!