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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thrift Store Find

Check out this totally awesome Dodge 4x4 I found for JJ at a local thrift store! 

I'd say it was $4.19 well spent! But don't let that smile fool you, he's actually terrified of the thing. He sits on it, sure. But his feet don't touch the pedals. If he wants it to move - he gets off, pushes it to his desired location and then sits back down on it.

I was seriously contemplating getting him something like this new for his birthday. When I found this one at M.M. (Mountain Mission) I figured we'd find him something else for a birthday gift. Man - am I glad we waited! I would have been seriously bummed if I would have paid what Toys R' Us is asking and JJ hated it. Hopefully in the next few months he'll warm up to it and enjoy it. It is in GREAT condition. You can tell it was kept indoors. Or maybe it's previous owner was just as scared as JJ?


Mary Cavalier said...

Whata great find - he will get used to it and be buzzing around in no time.

Cassie said...

awesome find!!