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Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Should Keep Me Busy For A While!

Special shout-out to my Grandmas - who sent me back to W.V. with all of this sweet yarn!

Yes, that is a laundry basket overflowing with yarn, a side table covered and a basket full of the balls I've started rolling. Score! There is another basket that I put some other goodies in . . . more crochet hooks, buttons, etc.

Newest completed project - while home I made my sister a pair of wrist-warmers, fingerless gloves . . . whatever you want to call them. Excuse the blurry picture.
(Also, I'm not sure why the top looks like it has an angle, they are straight across -
maybe I put them on in a tizzy?)

In the next couple days I hope to have finished something I'm very excited about - my very first amigurumi. Google it.

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