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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


JJ and Daddy

After 8 days apart, JJ and Kevin were finally reunited.

I spend 8 hours ALONE on a road trip with my (almost) 2-year-old yesterday. Let that sink in for just a minute. For the most part, it was okay. However, there were some not so awesome moments. Let me break them down for you.

--JJ throwing himself down in the McDonald's parking lot on the hot asphalt because he was finished walking.
--JJ wallowing on the floor of a Flying J gas station because I would not let him enter the men's restroom.
--JJ deciding that while Mommy is paying for our soda at the gas station and is occupied with paying the nice cashier, he should slip away and run for his life into the Denny's restaurant. I have to abandon my open wallet, cell phone and sodas while I chase after him at a full sprint. He, of course, is shrieking, knowing full well that as soon as I catch up to him - that little behind is going to be swatted ASAP. 

But, thankfully we made it. We are home.

After getting home, JJ played with Daddy for a couple hours before bed. At bed-time, he wailed and cried and worked himself into a tizzy that included screaming and dry-heaving. Awesome. Turns out, he wanted to sleep in his twin bed instead of his crib. So he did. I put him in his big bed, surrounded him with pillows and asleep he went. Yikes! Looks like we're in the market for some bed rails. I've been searching Amazon. Our crib converts to a toddler bed, maybe we can try that. . . hopefully he'll think that's good enough for a while. He looks so tiny in that twin!!


Cassie said...

you had me at 8 hours ALONE. girl, you deserve a break or at least a pedicure.
poor thing!!

my friend has a boy about the same age and boys are COMPLETELY different than girls. i can see him doing the exact same stuff.

Beth said...

My mother calls it payback. How lucky can one girl be, I ask you!?!?!