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Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Did This Happen?

Sunday was a busy day for us over this last weekend.
We had church, a wedding shower, home for a quick nap and a little trip to Wal-Mart. 

While trying to get JJ to wake from his nap, I carried him to mine and Kevin's bed. When he was a little baby, he took all his naps in our bed - mostly because I would try to snuggle and sleep a bit with him. Then it just became habit to lay him in our room to nap. His bassinet was already by our bed anyway.

When he started sleeping through the night in his own crib, Kevin would get him in the mornings and bring him to lay with me while he got ready for work. He'd lay with us at night until he fell asleep and we'd carry him into his own room and the cycle would start all over again. I loved snuggling with my boy!

But back to Sunday - I carried JJ into Kevin and mine's bed to try and cuddle him awake. As he laid there, it made me sad how big he looked. Our queen size bed used to make him look so tiny.

This face doesn't look like a baby anymore.

He looks like a little boy - time has gone so quickly!

I saw once on a friend's blog a quote about the first year of motherhood....the shortest year with the longest days. I agree! It sometimes felt like some days would never end, and then you turn around one day and have a nearly 2 year old boy sleeping in your bed. I wouldn't change a single thing. But I would slow time down,
just a bit, if I could.


Abbey said...

O Beth he is becoming a little boy - I can't believe it...It seems like just yesterday you called and broke the "pregnancy" news!

I LOVE the quote about the first year and DEFINATLY can relate!! Some days I wake up and wish for bedtime so I can sleep...but as I lay in bed that night all I can think about is my two sweet babies sleeping in the other room and how I wish I could cuddle with them gheeesh we are turning into sappy mothers!

Beth said...

I know, right?!?!? Every milestone reached brings pride and a little bit of sadness. What is happening to us??? LOL