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Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Year Closer To 30

This is me - 28 years ago today!

I have the kind of life that everyone grows up wanting.
I could not be more thankful.

I was created for a purpose by the Maker of the Universe! I was born into a family that loved me, disciplined me, and played with me . . .I was blessed with siblings, grandparents, a host of aunts and uncles and cousins - God knew I was a social creature and gave me lots of people from the get-go!

I have loyal and trusting friends.
I have an encouraging and supportive church family.

I have a husband who loves me - and tells me every day.
I have a son who makes me smile without even trying.

I have a life that anyone would be lucky to have. . . and I did nothing to deserve it.

I've been given 28 years today!
Thank you, Jesus, for 28 years in your grace!

It's not even midday and I've already been showered with well wishes, emails, texts and phone-calls . . . you all just prove my point more and more! A life like this makes you feel special and humbled every day -
but especially on your birthday.

Thank you!


Kacie said...

What a nice post! And, happy birthday, again!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday!!

Beth said...

Thanks, ladies! I've had a great, LAZY day!