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Monday, October 12, 2015

Trucking along...

We're still here...
Still trucking right along...

We've been going to church - and sporting little, baby, piggy tails!

We've been going to school...
JJ got up one morning and saw his toolbox in his toy room.
He remembered a small piece of wood he had and dug it out.
He told me he was going to put his name on it so everyone would know he lives here.
He came home from school and, without saying a single word, did just that.

It's currently sitting on our front porch right next to the door.

We've been enjoying the breeze and the nice weather...

We've been sporting new towels...

JJ's got a couple poncho towels.
He has been nice enough to share them with Shelby.
And then she starts feeling like queen of the universe.
So I decided to order the kids some fun new towels.

JJ's, of course, had to have superheroes.

One of Shelby's transforms her into the Little Mermaid.

She was in. heaven.

We've been having family time...
We still go out to eat with my parents pretty much every Friday.
This week, we also went by the firehouse in town for their Safety Fair.
Sitting in the drivers seat of one of the fire engines was a special treat.

The world keeps spinning and time keeps marching on.
We're just trying like heck to hold on!
But having fun every step of the way.


Cassie said...

every time i go grocery shopping in sparta at aldi's i think, i am going to see bethany here one day. i just know it. lol.
life goal to meet you in real life. and those cute kids of yours.

looks like life is treating you all well!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, Kacie told me that once and now I look for you, too!!!! lol!!!!!! Make that girl have some kind of event, surely we'd both be at a Kacie event! I would love to know you in REAL LIFE! :)