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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I can explain...

So, the lack of blogging...I know, I know.
Here's the deal...

This is what a typical day is like at our house this summer.
Wake up...somewhere between 8:30-9
Get downstairs and have breakfast, watch some cartoons, play with toys.
After lunch, play for a bit until it's time for Shelby's nap.
As soon as that little lady is down, JJ and I run straight for the pool.
We are there until she wakes up.
Thankfully, I can keep an eye on her with our video baby monitor on my cellphone.
Usually, we're out there from about 1pm - 5pm.
Blasting music, swimming, dancing, and having a great time.
Unless it's raining, that's where we are.

Then we come in.
Get the baby.
I make dinner, Kevin comes home from work.
We eat, play, watch cartoons - then before you know it, bath and bedtime.

If it is a particularly hot evening, we'll do a family swim.

But can you blame us?
So while it sounds very lazy - it feels very busy.
And, no offense, I'd rather be in that pool than sitting behind the computer.

So, the lack of blogging is just because our every day feels very much the same.
I do have some recapping to do.
But when you don't hear from you know why.

Long live summer!

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