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Thursday, June 18, 2015

LOL Wednesday - and our lives as of late.

OK, so let's just get these out of the way...

And now let's go back in time and update you all on what on earth we've been up to.
A couple weeks ago we had family in for the weekend.
Of course, that's the perfect time for my dryer to go out.
So, the day before they arrive, we got a new dryer and washed clothes and bedding like crazy.

And I was already in a bad mood because of this...
That's the ceiling in our laundry room.
More specifically, that's half of a jug of baby soap my kids poured in between the wood floors in our bathroom that made it's way into the laundry room.

Anyway, our guests arrived without a hitch and the kids had a grand time playing the weekend away.

We also attended a graduation party and glowed the night away.

At the end of it all, we were exhausted.
Which means we spent every available moment playing and getting the most out of every day.

And Shelby got her first 4 wheeler ride.
And screamed when we tried to take her off.

Then we entered this last week.
I was sincerely going to blog on Tuesday about all the great weather and swimming and etc..

Until this happened...
Got the kids in the bath and all cleaned up, and Miss Sassy Pants decided to bust her lip wide. open.

We got in touch with our favorite medical peeps and were off to see the worlds best nurse and family doc. Although it wasn't fun (for anyone involved) they took amazing care of Shelby and we brought our stitched little lady home.

Then it just felt like one thing after another.

But we've still found time for the pool, cool minion goggles...

And once the rainy season hit (in flippin June) we got out DuckTales for our PlayStation and never looked back.

I hate all this rain.
I'm supposed to be getting a tan on the regular right now.
But it did cause this to happen.
A rainbow.
In my back yard.
Ending just at the play set.
I was giddy!

Other than that - we've been practicing the fine art of towel wrapping...
...playing tball, and jumping in the pool at every opportunity.

Yesterday, we took Shelby to the dentist to get her tooth "fixed" she chipped when she fell.
She hated every second of it (no shock there) but the sharp, jagged tooth is now smooth.
Because she was wielding that bad boy like a lethal weapon.

JJ is currently attending his 2nd VBS and we've got a Holiday World trip coming up.
We are so happy it's summer time. 
Once all this rain beats it, we'll be unstoppable.

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