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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Here Comes Summer

We have jumped into summer head first.
Lazy morning cuddles every day.

Glow lights every night.

And then, boom.
All of a sudden we're in sweats and jackets?!

No bueno.

All this back and forth is wearing us out.

Anyway - we've been working around the house, getting the pools open, and doing some landscaping.
Home sweet home.

Shelby likes to watch.
Like her shirt?

Aunt B brought it back from Greece when JJ was 10 months old.

And I did mean to make pools plural up there.
Since we went out and got a small one for the kids.
Inflate it.
Fill it with water.
And then, just like that, it's 60 degrees every day.
In June.

So we've been spending time inside, destroying PopTarts.

And playing twinsies with Deedoo.

And building block castles.

And already, we've only got a couple tball games left.
I'm sad about it.
JJ has grown so much and done so well this year.
He pays attention when fielding.

He even puts effort into swinging on deck.
Tball has been really great for him this year.

And as a reward, I turn on Tinga Tinga during bath time.
The kids think it is so fancy.
A movie and a bath? 
This is a pretty good life.

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