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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


For just over a week now, I've been enjoying these luxuries necessities.
Who am I kidding, these are must haves.
First up, something I have wanted my entire life.
No joke.
I've wanted a shower radio my whole life.
Except this is better.
It's a waterproof, blue tooth player.
Suctions to the wall of the shower.
I listen to my "Shower" playlist on my phone.
Which consists of a healthy mix of songs that show off my sweet shower dance moves and ballads that play to my powerful shower vocals.
And make my kids laugh.
So it's a win-win.

Also, it rings when a call comes through.
I talked to our insurance guy the other day while washing my hair, then went right back to MC Hammer. Life is good.

Best part?
It cost like 8 bucks.
Thank you, Amazon.

Next up, the iBaby monitor.
I got sick and tired of waking Shelby up out of her nap to go pick up JJ from school.
Kevin works about a 30 second walk from the house.
So we got the monitor, installed the app on our phones, and boom...
Live video feed.
I took the above photo from St. Marks waiting on JJ to get out of school one day.
And yes...I really can listen in, talk to her, and even play her a song or book on tape from anywhere.
I can also drag my finger across the screen and move the camera around.

Another bonus?
It works in the dark.
It sends us alerts when she either makes a noise or moves.
We adjust the sensitivities - she's she is a mover in her sleep.
And boom, notified as soon as she stirs.

Should make pool season SO much easier this year.
Bring on summer!

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