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Friday, February 13, 2015

The week we lost...

Since I didn't blog much last week….like, at all…. I went through my pictures to see what was going on that prohibited me from jumping on the ol blog here.
This is what I found….

Shelby took a nap in her brother's bed.
I do remember this now.
I had to lay down with her to get her to calm her down enough to fall asleep.
Then documented it with a picture so JJ could see where Shelby slept while he was at school.

We made cookies for the fellowship dinner at church/the Super Bowl.

Speaking of, this is how JJ enjoyed the big game.
Truth be told, apart from the last 45 seconds, it was a long and awful, boring game.

Shelby and I enjoyed some strawberries.

Dipped in Hershey's chocolate sauce, of course.

JJ and I took a walk to the new bank and the post office.
This kid is obsessed with the new bank being built in town.
We drive past it every MWF while getting him from school so he can check it's progress.
We went into the old (current) bank to turn in his t-ball forms and decided to walk to the post office so he could see the progress on the construction in person.

Once inside the PO, we saw they were featuring Batman stamps…so of course, we had to buy some.

JJ reminded me that I hadn't dusted my bedroom in a while.

Shelby enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies left from the Super Bowl.
I do remember this.
She was being sooooo fussy.
I just wanted to eat lunch…so I gave her a cookie.
Kept her happy and fuss-free for a while.
Then she got a bath.

I watched a video about candies that are popular in England.
Which made me reallllly want some of them.
So, I ordered some.
Last week, my chocolate buttons arrived.
They. Are. Delish.
I don't know if it's because I know they were shipped from London, or if it's because they're shaped like teeny, tiny buttons - but I swear the chocolate tastes better.

And this one for fun - JJ came home yesterday with his Valentine box FULL of goodies.
He informed me that's a black dog with a heart tongue.
Good job, bud.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Friday!
Happy weekend!


Cassie said...

i bet if you find the superintendent on that job and tell him how excited JJ is he will give him a "special" tour and let him wear a hardhat and everything. we are doing a big hospital job now and one kid watches from his window and the super found out about him and he came and visited him and told him all about the job. construction workers may be tough old dudes, but they have a heart of gold!
my kids LOVE construction and have a blue and a pink hardhat. they feel so cool!

Beth said...

I told him I bet the bank has a big open house as soon as it's done, and we can go inside and check everything out….but your idea is INCREDIBLE. I should ask, he would freak out!! Thanks for the idea :) :) :)