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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Just another Tuesday.

Already Tuesday? How did that happen?
I'll tell you about my day...
But first, I'll back up a little bit.

Last week I was horrible at blogging, so I can tell you we played/cried in tents.
I'm not sure what else we did or what specifically prevented me from blogging.
But, I do know there was tent time. 

Friday we met up with Umi and Papa for dinner.
And, of course, ice cream cones.

Saturday we were up early to head to St. Louis.
We got to see Aunt B's new place and then head over to the Botanical Gardens. 

After which, we went back to B's for a bit.
We snuggled.

Played the iPad.

And then we headed home.

Sunday we were off to church, home for lunch with Umi and Papa, and then outside to play!

Yesterday…I'm not even sure.
I swear it takes me all of Monday to get used to the fact that I'm starting a week again.
I'm starting to become a wuss I think.

Today, we were up and getting ready to go get groceries.
First stop, buying some flowers.
Second stop, get some gas.
I found this at our pump.

Third stop, WalMart.

As we were walking in, I saw the world's 2 worst thieves exiting the store. 
Like, it was pretty obvious to me at a .5 second glance that there was merchandise under their coats.
I know people can be overweight and have big bellies, I've never seen a box shaped stomach.

So the WalMart employees let them "leave" the store before running after them.
They bring them back inside and I'm digging for my grocery list.
They ask the dude of the dude/dudette pair to raise his shirt.
He not only had crap stashed under his shirt but DOWN HIS PANTS.
He starts pulling stuff out of his pants.

That stuff better not have been restocked, I can tell you that.
Super gross.

By the time I was half through shopping, I also got to watch them get escorted out in cuffs by the police.

Then we ran by McD's for 1.99 Happy Meals and back home to put away groceries.

Once I had everything put away and the kitchen back under control, it was time to finalize everything for JJ's Valentine Party tomorrow :) 
Since the teachers have an institute day on Friday and President's Day is Monday, and you add in that JJ doesn't go to school on Tues/Thurs…he gets a week off after tomorrow.

JJ's teacher gifts...

Some sweets, some snacks, and some useful items to say Happy Valentine's Day!
He's really excited about this.
But, he hears the word "party" and I mean, come on…it's gonna be a good day.

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